Monday, May 26, 2008


We have had NetFlix for some time now and we all LOVE it. I am the one to normally get on line and pick the movies along with the house requests.
About three weeks ago I was on a documentary roll. I chose three documentaries and the entire family just rolled their eyes.
We watched MurderBall- incredible! I love the players of the game and it was an inspiring story to all who watched.
God grew Tired of Us- I can't stop thinking of these Boys. Their story, their journey, and their ambition is more then anyone could fathom. There story shows how innocent they are and shows how we here in the U.S could stand to embrace their customs and their way of life.
IT IS A MUST SEE. This movie will make you laugh and make you hopeful and really make you think about how we treat each other in our society.
A little change never hurt.


Valerie said...

ooooooo I have netflex too...we need to add eachother on our friends list so we can see what's good and what's not...when you get this email me for my link :o)