Friday, June 6, 2008

A New Beginning- A Spoon Full of Sugar

A new beginning- A spoon full of sugar~

During our latest camping trip I finally got to "read" my scrapbook on artist studio's that Janice got for me months and months back. I sat in the camper and read each artists story about how they create, in the space they created. I came across this woman who belonged to a quilters club and that group of women chose to bring a professional organizer to the group for tips, tricks and advise. Reading the story about how this professional organizer worked with this quilting woman and transformed her studio from clutter to complete neatness. I soooooo wanted to be that woman. I read the article over several time and thought to myself, "what is stopping me from doing this?" I'm tired of buying beautiful scrap supplies and being totally overwhelmed and not wanting to go anywhere near my scrap space since its creates a chaotic atmosphere. How sad.How very sad to have so many cool things and to finally be blessed with room for it all and it ends up being piles and piles, stacks and stacks and I simply get sick to my stomach and walk away from it. To overwhelmed on where to begin,- "begin AGAIN" I should say. Right before Livie was born I purged a lot, sold tins at our local Flea Market and got one side of the room in tip top shape. Then little by little it got bad, REAAAAL BAD. With the kids and their crap they through into the room, plus buying supplies and paper and even more embellishments, it is a complete mess. I get an idea for a layout or project and then get anxiety knowing I wont find what I need and will get frustrated so I turn away and never look back.So now it's time for Sheree- Mary Poppins is how I see her. I looked into professional organizers and had a few I wanted to speak to. I put my name and requests on this board of qualified PO's and Sheree called me last night and I knew then that she would be the one for me. Her soft voice, accent, just like Mary Poppins, confident and kind in her words. She was the one.She spoke about how she had just helped a client crafter complete her basement with scrapbooking supplies on one side and quilting on the other side. So having someone KNOW about crafters put my worries at ease. I was afriad I would get someone that knew nothing of crafters and would want me to organize like a home office..... sigh......She knows of our kind and how to work with us!She also talked about working at my pase, a slow pase to ensure I not only get the scraproom I desire but the skills to apply to other parts of my life. Her price, right on, her kindness and humor made me feel like I could conquer the world and I wanted to get started RIGHT THEN!My time line is in July. Our first meeting is July 23rd for three hours.Waiting for July 23rd to arrive, will give me enough time to get the full vision of what I want my SB room to become.Things I know about me:I am a visual person and need to see EVERYTHINGI am not a stand up scrapperI do not play well with others, so all kids school stuff and papers need to have it's proper placeI need music- having my compact stereo close by will need to be incorporated into the mixI'm so excited to start this new process and this new chapter of my life. I can hardly sleep at nightJanice and Kira will be here with me. Tod will be watching the Livster and I will be taking it all in.Cheers to a new beginning


Valerie said...

Jen this is so awesome! I can NOT wait to see what she does with your room!