Monday, July 25, 2011

Our great escape

Tod and I took a trip up to the Klamath and fished one day with our guide Ken and his wife Kathy. I didn't take my camera only reason why was I thought the boat wouldn't be as stable as it acutaly was. So I'm super bummed, but we did have Tod's and it worked out nicely.

We rented a car and Tods treat to me was mapping out several thrift stores to hit on our way up. We stopped at one which was in Eukea and it was sooooooooooo fun! They have three little houses to buy antiques, clothes, and another barn that had clothes and shoes. What they also had were sections for furniture and yard sale finds. They would through items into bins on loooooong tables and you could walk and rummage in the bins for treasures. Once you found items you find this guy who wears a red shirt and kahke pants who prices your items. I found an old vintage suite case and some furniture, like two vintage metal bed frames one for a queen and one for a twin, which would have been perfect for Kira and Olivia's beds but we only had a rental so there was no way they would fit. So with my suitecase in hand he charged me two bucks. STEAL PEOPLE!! IT WAS A STEAL!!!! Beautiful Samsonite leather skin, PERFECT condition inside. sigh.. Yeay for me! hahah!
Anyway, the guy was local to Watsonville and a total blast to talk to. Super fun staff and great great finds. We are going back, but with our truck next time!!!
Oh, yea, back to the fishing, so we made it to Klamath and Tod and I stayed in this super cute hotel and the following morning we met Ken and Kathy and headed to the the butt crack of dawn...did I mention that? sigh.
The river is beautiful. There was a bear cub roaming the river bank eating grass, he had been out there for about 2 months and he seemed to look healthy. Tod assured me berries would be coming on so he would have more to eat. He was A D O R A B L E!
I got 3 hits, and all three came off, there were 2 drive by's (hits on the line only) and then the 4th time I told Tod the next hit was his, he insisted it would be mine. When the line hit Tod tried to hand me the pole but I told him, "nope, it's all you!". So he ended up pulling in this monster! ha! nice! Tod said he almost cried when that salmon was finally on the boat! After we got off the water, which was at 3:30, we would have come in earlier but Ken and Kathy wanted to wait to see if I could get another bit and get a salmon. These peeps are awesome! What a great couple! We had such a great time on the boat, we talked and ate and talked and ate! ha!
After we got off the river we headed into town for a nice cold beer, BEST CORONA OF MY LIFE! Then headed to the Cunningham's (Ken and Kathy) to clean and bag the salmon. We met up later at the local bar right across the street from our hotel and had a great dinner yummy Ortega burger and killer fries with this "Burger Sauce" the cook made and then sat down next to Tod and told me how to make it....while he smoked is cigarette of course! haha!, We played pool and made more friends!
It was the best vacation we have had since we have been together. It was so laid back and so great to get away just the two of us. An air conditioned car always helps....I'm just sayin...

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer updates

Summer has been busy this year. Lots of activities and trips planned. So this summer I have taken time off from Facebook and will return in the fall. This way I can just focus on the family and friends.

I have things I also need to accomplish this summer, I want to purge my scraproom, get chairs for our dinning room table, get Olivia's room organized and decorated, and clean Tod's mancave.....that has tons of my craft stuff in it.

So see, no need to FB when I have a full list of things to get done!
Enjoy your summer!