Monday, May 5, 2008

Sicker then a dog-

So Friday I woke up with my raging cold and it just seemed to get worse and worse as time ticked away. Friday Janice came by around 10:30 ish and we all took off to Michael's in Salinas. I was pretty disapointed in their store since they didnt have much on the shelves and I soo wanted to grab some goodies and head back home.
My eyes were watering, my nose was running and I couldnt stop sneezing..... Do I feel a fever coming on... ooh of course I do!
We headed back home to have lunch and scrpa and watch the second part of QVC scrapbooking. Not sure if it was just me, but I wasnt super impressed with their goods, so no ordering.
My fever raged on and I had a runny nose that just wouldnt stop. Tod watched Olivia for us. Janice made some mini acrylic albums for us, mom made a card, and Kira had a big fram and pictures she was working on for her friend who just lost their dog.

I took a break on the couch since I was feeling like doo-doo.
Last year I missed NSD and this year I was sooo ready. I guess my immune system wasn't!
So tons of snot rags later, I called it quits! I just couldnt go on, my body and head had had enough!
Tod ordered Hot & Sour Soup from our little resturant that we love and I was
mee~mee town before long!

(I did get one layout done, but no memory on Tod's camera to take a picture of it.. *Rolling eyes)