Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

This is my favorite holiday. It's my favorite time of year! Spring! :O)
First, this season is to celebrate Jesus and His unconditional love for us, how He has risen from the grave and is at God's right side. Because if Him, we are free, no matter what our circumstance, n matter where we came from, no matter how dark of places we were in, Jesus loves us and will ALWAYS love us, He has never turned His back, we just call on Him and He will help.... I in fact call in Him about 8k times a day! To keep me strong, to keep me focused, and to draw me closer to Him.

On to other things... Yesterday was salmon season here on the West Coast, so Tod and the girls went out at 3am and were back by 9:30 am. The waters were rough, but both Kira and Aiko landed really nice salmon!!! Tod was super proud, and even though he didn't catch one on that trip, it was awesome to have them pull in their own salmon for the first time! God told me the night before that There would be 6 salmon. They came home with 2 and I told Tod, "I wonder why He told me 6....?" Tod said, "Well maybe if we had stayed out longer we would have gotten the other 4 like He said"....AMAZING....Well, for my Tod to say that, to show faith...AMAZING- Thank you Jesus! :O) So we took the 2 salmon praised God and were blessed He provided those for us!

This morning Tod and his two buddies are fishing and will be home soon for Easter lunch. God told me last night Tod would catch two salmon(limit out) but I couldn't get info on the friends and if they would catch any... Tod called just about an hour ago to tell me he had a fish and as we were talking he said, "OH! I GOT ANOTHER FISH ON- GOTTA GO!!!" Hahahah! I laughed at God and how He worked it out, His timing, His sense of humor and His graciousness!! God is good! ALWAYS!!!!

Easter Blessings to all,