Monday, June 30, 2008

Your another cutie I had to have

So I THOUGHT I did a very thourough look into alllllll the die cutting machines out there, I compared prices, prices and quality of individual dies blah blah blah.... so I went with the CK Revolution. I love her, she's a keeper...... but in the back og my mind I kept thinking of that cutie pie the cuttlebug..... I felt dirty and shameful.... should I have chose her first? Since I keep thinking of her and that great Revolution was loyal and beautiful too.....

I get this email from Janice saying that the cuttelbug is at for cheap and their s&h was only $2.95.... wth???? seriously...???? I'm on it!
I got her Friday and she is a cutie Pa-tootie..... i lovvvvvvvvvve her..... and her dies are inexpensive and fun fun..... I'm still a faithful girl to my Revolution. But I do love me some cuttlebug!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Livie's one!

What a great day. I'm finally able to get my other pictures uploaded!

pictures to share

These are Kira's layouts she made at Picture Me Perfect, their all day crop.
She had a great time with her step mom and she got a lot done!!
She's a great scrapper and I love her madly!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

And who's one years old?

Man, I love this girl!
She just was sooo darn cute yesterday! When Tod's mom walked in Livie's little eyes got so big and bright! She started to crawl towards her and put her arm up and said "boooooooon!"

Carol had brought Livie gifts and two milar balloons! Livie's favorite thing in the WORLD are milar balloons. It was precious!

After we got her eyes off the balloons we watched her open her gifts as her big sisters helped! Livie and all of us would say "oooooohhhhh" over the cute clothes she got and to see her little lips puckers up was touching~! Looking over at Tod- WHO MUST HAVE HAD SOMETHING IN HIS EYE(S) AGAIN!!! Laughing and gleeming at her!

We sat her in her highchair and sang to her, gave her her VERY own little pink birthday cake! She did so good eating it and was I think surprised she could do what she wanted to with it! I think she was waiting for someone in the crowed of happy family to say "no" to her!

What a great day, what a blessing it is to have her in our lives! And I can't believe how fast this year has gone by!!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Can you say PoPo?

So my manager comes over and tells me he heard these popping noises from outside, then a few minutes later, the police pull up close to our building.... wtf?

Let me back up to three days ago when our tech support guy called from Kansas and said he wanted to know the hotel right next to our building since we are having a computer conversion, they need to make sure they pic the right hotel for the team to stay at... yep, it's the Courtyard Marriott, RIGHT next door to our building. Cool? COOL!

So today we look out our building's four story windows and see the Marriott is blocked off and the entrance and drive way to our building is now ground zero for 15 cops and reporters and is taped off.... yea, and the channel 11 news chopper is above our building!


Apparently there was a known fugitive staying at the marriott and was being apprehended..... it didn't seem to go down according to plan, so shots were fired, he was wounded and taken away. A young woman in a hot pink blouse was taken in handcuffs ( why the blouse color made it in to the report is beyond me- hey! It's California and it's stinkin hot today! Whatever keeps you cool sister!)

So this is the view out my window today....
And the Kansas people coming........... they may wanna switch hotels...... I'm just syaing....
Back to my happy place- Kira get's home from her D.C trip tomorrow and I can't WAIT to see her! I miss her face, her smile, her smell, her hugs, and her voice. She's having a blast (with a few minor girly set backs, like lets say four girls in a hotel for a week...yea, there's some drama there for ya!) She has taken over 800 picutres and has seen some awesome historical places that I will never be able to see. She knows this was a trip of a lifetime and she soaked it all in!!!
I love that babygirl more then I could ever truly express to anyone. I just can't wait to get my arms around her!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

It's mine, all mine, but I feel guilty. I drove home with it in my car and thought, " what the heck am I doing, I have to return this..... This is so out of my leauge, I HAVE LOST MY EVER LOVIN MIND!"

I kept it in my closet for two days as I saw Kira get off to her D.C Trip and waited for the right time to take it out and look at it...

My hands were sweaty and my heart was rasing.
Livie was sleeping and Tod was on his third round of Archery on the Wii standing beside me. I took her from the box and could smell the plastic and that new electronic smell. My tummy had a knot in it and I kept thinking to myself, "I'm so afriad of you....... I'm afraid I am gonna hurt you, your just to much for me"

I read the directions, inserted the lens, the battery, the strap and took my first shot.

Lightning fast and I almost lost my breath. I shot pictures rapidly of Peaches and Tod and the television and anything else that would move! PERFECT SHOT, EVERY TIME, My forehead was now sweating.

"Tod, I'm scared of her, I think I should take her back and get something simple"

"Are you kidding Jen? Are you serious?, don't even talk to me about this, just play around with it and you'll be ok"

I put her away and then brought her back out yesterday for Father's Day. Got great pics of Livie and Tod. Got even greater pics of Tod with Myoko and Aiko.

She's here to stay and I think I love her.......... when I think about her now I don't lose my breath and my heart doesnt drop into my rear!

Friday, June 6, 2008

A New Beginning- A Spoon Full of Sugar

A new beginning- A spoon full of sugar~

During our latest camping trip I finally got to "read" my scrapbook on artist studio's that Janice got for me months and months back. I sat in the camper and read each artists story about how they create, in the space they created. I came across this woman who belonged to a quilters club and that group of women chose to bring a professional organizer to the group for tips, tricks and advise. Reading the story about how this professional organizer worked with this quilting woman and transformed her studio from clutter to complete neatness. I soooooo wanted to be that woman. I read the article over several time and thought to myself, "what is stopping me from doing this?" I'm tired of buying beautiful scrap supplies and being totally overwhelmed and not wanting to go anywhere near my scrap space since its creates a chaotic atmosphere. How sad.How very sad to have so many cool things and to finally be blessed with room for it all and it ends up being piles and piles, stacks and stacks and I simply get sick to my stomach and walk away from it. To overwhelmed on where to begin,- "begin AGAIN" I should say. Right before Livie was born I purged a lot, sold tins at our local Flea Market and got one side of the room in tip top shape. Then little by little it got bad, REAAAAL BAD. With the kids and their crap they through into the room, plus buying supplies and paper and even more embellishments, it is a complete mess. I get an idea for a layout or project and then get anxiety knowing I wont find what I need and will get frustrated so I turn away and never look back.So now it's time for Sheree- Mary Poppins is how I see her. I looked into professional organizers and had a few I wanted to speak to. I put my name and requests on this board of qualified PO's and Sheree called me last night and I knew then that she would be the one for me. Her soft voice, accent, just like Mary Poppins, confident and kind in her words. She was the one.She spoke about how she had just helped a client crafter complete her basement with scrapbooking supplies on one side and quilting on the other side. So having someone KNOW about crafters put my worries at ease. I was afriad I would get someone that knew nothing of crafters and would want me to organize like a home office..... sigh......She knows of our kind and how to work with us!She also talked about working at my pase, a slow pase to ensure I not only get the scraproom I desire but the skills to apply to other parts of my life. Her price, right on, her kindness and humor made me feel like I could conquer the world and I wanted to get started RIGHT THEN!My time line is in July. Our first meeting is July 23rd for three hours.Waiting for July 23rd to arrive, will give me enough time to get the full vision of what I want my SB room to become.Things I know about me:I am a visual person and need to see EVERYTHINGI am not a stand up scrapperI do not play well with others, so all kids school stuff and papers need to have it's proper placeI need music- having my compact stereo close by will need to be incorporated into the mixI'm so excited to start this new process and this new chapter of my life. I can hardly sleep at nightJanice and Kira will be here with me. Tod will be watching the Livster and I will be taking it all in.Cheers to a new beginning