Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So, I have an obsession with sb kits. I have only had a few good experiences with them though, meaning I didn't like the price, the products, or the owner. I know, it's a snobby thing, but I'm ALL about customer service and great people. My sister always says I am a retailers dream, if they play their cards right. If someone is selling something and I kinda- I mean kinda like it and they are nice peeps I will buy with no hesitation and come back for more.

So I have listened to Dayami talk about the new kit that was launched in May for I thought I would check it out since Dayami raved about how much products were included and it was all great stuff. I signed up and got my kit and I was not disappointed. TONS of Heidi Swap goodies, and I was Damaris' (She's the owner) lucky number 50 in purchasing her first month kit so I got a KILLER goodie bag! OMG! ME? I never win! Damaris included a very cool card and a sweet note! wooooooooohoooooooooo! I'm lucky number 50! woooooohoooooo!!!

I didn't have a chance to take pictures since Kira and I were up late working on her year end school projects. As soon as I hit the pillow at midnight little Livie woke up at 12:17! augh!

Please check out Damaris' kit and your promised not to be disappointed.

Very sweet owner, attention to detail, and jam packed with products for a great price.
I can't wait to see what she has in store for her future kits.
I wish her much success and hope her kits fly off the shelf!


Damaris said...

Oh my goodness!!! Thank you for those sweet comments. So glad you liked the kit. I am also glad that I was the one to get you off the list of: "I never win anything!". Congrats. Please send me your LO when they are completed and I promise to post them on the blog.

Dayami said...

Hey youu, I didnt know you had been lucky #50!!! Congratulations! Wasnt that kit amazing?!!! The June kit is gorgeous too AND I cannot wait for July one. It's my favorite!!!