Friday, March 28, 2008

Thank you Easter Bunny Bok ~ Bok!!!

I love this kid!

Friday, March 21, 2008

A Father's Love

It's been a looooong month for me emotionaly. I'm not sure how to even figure out why it has been so draining and daughnting.

I love Easter, it's my favorite holiday. It means a lot to me, the whole thing, means the world to me. What Easter is about to me is understanding that Jesus died for my sins, and then rose from the dead to be with our God until He returns once more. Pretty powerful stuff Right? Right!. I'm flabbergasted by His love for us. As I'm here in the flesh, things are extremly hard for me at times. Tons of stresses, tons of resposibilities and tons of things to get done and take care of. People to please daily and tons more people I seem to disapoint daily as well.
Dealing with my daily stresses can get to me, and this month, day after day, it came to a boiling point. Then I was no longer stressed but mad, mad at people, mad at myself and mad at God. I know, I know. I SOOOOOO KNOW!

Since I never had a great track record with an "Earthly Father", I learned long ago, the only father for me was my Lord God, He IS my Dad, and with that said, I can be mad, I can be, angry, I can through a fit if I need to. He love's me, he love's me no matter what, as I do my own children, right? right! I have yelled, and screamed and cried at Him and through it all He stands by me, supports me, and loves me. I look at Tod daily and how he interacts with his children and now little Livie and I am pleased to no end and also envious that I so wanted an earthly dad like him. Who wouldn't. So this is how I treat my Father, who told me, I am his child, his Love for all times. I treat him as he is my Father, my friend, and my everything. So when I'm mad, He knows it, when I'm sad, He also knows it. He hears me, He rewards me and other times, those unanswered prayers are EXACTLY what I needed.

As I through my fit and yelled and cried and screamed, I knew it would ok in the end.
He works on me everyday. Everyday He loves me. Even when I'm not so good.
Thank you Father for the ultimate sacrifice, thank you for loving me forever.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Cupcake Scrapshop

So I have been on the search for a good site to order kits from. It's taken me months and months of searching, fair price, great products, cool site, and cool community.

(I stopped hoping for an owner that was pleasant and not a troll)

Well, I found it all!
Cupcake Scrapshop

Great kits- CHECK!

Good price- CHECK!

Cool site- CHECK

Cool community- CHECK!

Colleen Vasconcellos!!!

She's sweet, kind, responsive and very helpful!

I can't wait for my March Kit to arrive!

He's a Master-Baiter!

Tod called twice during the sand crab tournament. "Kay, Listen, Don't get all excited or freaked out, because I have an hour left to go, but RIGHT NOW, I'm winning."

I was so tickled for him, so thrilled that after 4 years he had his chance to win.

Tod and I know he hardly EVER wins anything, no contests at work, no raffles, no fundraiser raffles, no lotto, no nothin. It seemed like his luck was starting to change, just the week before, he won on a football pool! VERY COOL! Tod and Kira jumped up out of their seats screaming, "YEAY! YEAY! WHOHOOOOOO!" in the living room, as his team made the touchdown, moving Tod into the winning football pool square, where his name was scribbled.

Just a little over an hour had past from the first call from Tod. My mom had picked up the phone the second time and she laughed and screemed with delight. "RIGHT ON TOD!!!, OK I'LL TELL HER!" "TOD WON JEN! HE WON!!" my mom ran into the other room to let me know.

We were all so thrilled for him, I couldnt wait for him to get home, so I could see his smile, to see his fish, and the cool winner package he was set up with.... and my mom could tell him, "How cool Tod, cuz your the Master-Baiter!"

Article from the paper on the Tournament: (OF COURSE THEY GET HIS NAME WRONG- PSHT!)

Local and visiting perch anglers met last weekend for their yearly surfcasting showdown. The annual Sand Crab Classic Perch Tournament provides a spot of excitement in the middle of our dreary winter, and proceeds raised from the contest go to support the Monterey Bay Salmon and Trout Project. This is the fourth year for the derby. Despite blustery conditions, threatening skies and surf that grew from merely big to huge as the day progressed, a good number of fish were brought in for measurement. Some of them were BIG.
The heavy wind and rainstorm held off just long enough for all anglers to meet at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club by 2 p.m. Once all the fish were measured, it was clear that top honors would go to Todd Schallenberger from Watsonville, who used a GULP! sandworm to catch his 15-inch barred surfperch. Schallenberger fished his 9.6-foot Lamiglas rod paired with a Shimano 2500 Sahara reel in the surfline at 7th Avenue Beach with partner Tom Larimer. Both anglers caught and released limits of perch from the surf, where Larimer also caught two striped bass up to 24 inches. Schallenberger actually took home two trophies this year: one for first place and a special trophy for biggest fish using GULP! bait. He also won two new rod-and-reel combos as part of his prize package.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Niiiiiiiice weekend

This weekend was just the three of us, Tod, Livie and myself.

Mom went to Dorthy's, Kira went to her dad's and Tod's girls went with their mom.

We havent had a weekend like that in so long, I can't even remember when the last time it was.......

Tod worked, but we met him for lunch and then Livie and I went to the mall for some cute spring clothes for her. The next day we made our way to the new Walmart in Marina.

Bought tons of baby food, a new and improved carseat, a toy for me, a little zip file thingie for my new computer, and a cool cookbook from Taste of Home.

The days were beautiful, the sun was shinning and the weather smelled of Jasmine and my childhood. Nice warm California days.