Monday, July 21, 2008

My Desktop

Our new computers at work have been installed. I have missing files and yaddah yaddah, who cares about that, that will all get corrected soon enough. This is my new desktop picture.

I miss her more then I could ever express to anyone. I miss her laugh, her voice, her smell, her hugs and her beautiful face. She makes me so proud, she makes me so happy to be her momma.

I'm so blessed the Lord picked her to be my baby girl.
(This is picture is Jason and Kira- Jason is Kira's younger brother- WHO I FLIPPEN LOVE!!!!!)

I can't wait till she's hugging me again!

Mean Kitty Song

I love this video. Made me laugh out loud at work and this guy reminds me of Derick, Betsy's boyfriend!

*couldnt get it to link properly-

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach time

Sunday we headed to the beach. It looked foggy and cold but it was pretty darn warm, with a light fog that would surely burn off by noon.
It did end up burning off and Aiko and I GOT BURNED~ Livie had a blast and Tod kicked back!
We are extremly blessed to have the beach so close to us!

My cousin William got Livie this little beach hut, and I told Tod we couldnt take her to the beach until we had one, so that worked out PERFECT! LOL!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Last year little Livie was just about 2 weeks old when 4th of July came.
This year, she's a little over 1 years old and a blast to have as a new member to our family!
Grandma Joyce and Auntie Karen got her the cutest little 4th Of July outfit! We bbq'd and relaxed most of the day. Tod and Aiko are still outside playing Guitar Hero!
Due to the major fires in Ca. and here in Watsonville, they have canceled the sale of fire works. Tod is bumbed beyond words but we all know it's just so not worth it. Two weeks ago it took Tod and I each 3 hours to get home because of the HUGE fire just 3 miles away from our home and a mile from his grandma's home. She was evacuated and came to Tod's moms home, which is around the corner from us/ It was heart breaking to worry about his grandma's home all night. The next day the announced she could go back home, her home was safe! Amen, good is wonderful.
Unfortunately, there were homes lost in the fire as well as live stock.
So this year, we just chilled.
I got Livie in her bath and she had a great time, Aiko and Tod peaking in on her through our bathroom window and making her laugh! Then off to bed! Around 9:00 Aiko came in the house with a bin full of strawberries from our next door neighbors! How yyummy and sweet of them to do that! They look gorgeous and TASTE WONDERFULLLLLLL! Tomorrow Aiko and I are gonna cover some of them in chocolate and white chocolate! (Kay, my mouth is watering now!)
A few pics from today and tonight!