Monday, May 26, 2008


We have had NetFlix for some time now and we all LOVE it. I am the one to normally get on line and pick the movies along with the house requests.
About three weeks ago I was on a documentary roll. I chose three documentaries and the entire family just rolled their eyes.
We watched MurderBall- incredible! I love the players of the game and it was an inspiring story to all who watched.
God grew Tired of Us- I can't stop thinking of these Boys. Their story, their journey, and their ambition is more then anyone could fathom. There story shows how innocent they are and shows how we here in the U.S could stand to embrace their customs and their way of life.
IT IS A MUST SEE. This movie will make you laugh and make you hopeful and really make you think about how we treat each other in our society.
A little change never hurt.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hotter then a Mutha!

So Friday Wanda and I left work early, it was slow and everyone was gone for the day.
It was extremely hot and my air conditioner no longer works in my car. I pick up Kira and start the long Friday night travel of bringing her back to San Jose where she gets picked up for her dad's weekend and then I head back over the hill. Normally it takes about an hour and a half. I notice on the way to take Kira that on the other side of the freeway its backed up past where it normally would be backed up, about ohh, 10 miles!
The heat is now about 92 and it has to be about 99 in the car! We sit and wait for Kira's pickup and we are sweating in crevasses that we didn't know we had. sigh.
After Kira gets picked up I think about heading back to work, just right down the road to get more work done and hang out in the air conditioned building. I some how pass my exit and sit in traffic.
I finally get home and it's almost three hours later. I was exhausted, irritated and sweaty.

Mom, Livie and I left Saturday for Betsy's - right back into the center of the sun basically!!!
It was 102 and again no air conditioning in my car. Betsy's apartment has air and it was heaven when we dragged our tired sweaty asses up her three flights- YES, THREE PAINFUL FLIGHTS of STAIRS!
Alllllllllllllll weekend long I was never cool enough. Not until we got home last night and I tool the coldest shower of my life. The fog rolled in along the coast at about 7:00 pm and it was a welcome friend to me! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tod tells me this morning it is supposed to rain this next weekend! Praise God! He heard my prayers!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Yummy or what?

I'm on my way

Lucky 50!

Oh! I have been meaning to post this!
I was lucky number 50 in Damaris' first kit for the month of May. Not only was the kit packed with cool fun goodies, but I received an awesome goodiebag with MORE cool awesome fun things!
Kira and I were jumping up and down in my living room opening up the package!
I never win! So it was super cool that I was the 50th person to purchase her first kit and receive my cool goodie bag!!! She ROCKS and her kits are KILLER!!!
(I just purchased the June kit and I LOVE it all!)

Happy Friday

maaaan, what a looong week. One of those weeks where almost everything I touch, turns to poop. Kira I think feels the same way. School has been hectic, it's been hot, and our home has been busy and trying.
So the weekend is finally here. Kira is with her dad this weekend and Bernadette and Kira are at an allday crop tomorrow in Tracy.

Mom, Livie and I are going to Betsy's tomorrow morning for an overnight visit. Betsy is having her renewal jewelry party tomorrow night, should be fun. Livie loves hanging out with her and Mr.Murphy Man the cat.

Tod is working and will have the house to himself. Lucky dude if ya ask me!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

We slept in on Monther's Day since Livie slept in till 8:ish. wohooooooo! Tod and the girls gave me a camera! Its' the one that I dropped and broke that I originaly got for Christmas last year. No warranty and buying a refurbished one wasnt an option when we could spend $60.00 more bucks and get a new one again...... soooooo that's what they did, and I am thrilled!
The girls got ready and headed to their moms. Tod got ready and headed to his moms and grandmas.
Livie, Kira, mom and I made our way to Mt.View to be with grandma, Karen, and Betsy.
We went to our favorite Italian place in downtown Mt.View and had a great lunch and a great time. Livie was great and the waiter was great with her! I got some killer pics of Livie with Betsy and Livie with Grandma Joyce.
With all us women, it gets load and chaotic and I wouldn't have it any other way. These women mean the world to me and I cherish these times with them.
Our family is blessed to have my grandma with us and my mom. Last year mom was so ill and close to dying, that it's a miracle that she is with us to share another Mother's Day and to see her healthy again.
Now all I gotta do is download pics...... hopefully tonight.
Tomorrow is Tod's birthday so I have some running around to do after work today and tomorrow, so ..... pics may be downloaded LATER. Hehehe


Friday, May 9, 2008

helllooo loooovvvverrrrrrrrrr!!!

hmmmmmmmmmmm, yes, It's mine, it makes me happy. It's my Mothers Day gift and I am thrilled to pieces. I have been dreaming about this lover for days and days and told Tod, "yep, this is what I want, this is what I need. I have birthed your baby, I have cooked your meals, loved you unconditionally, washed your clothes, managed our home and family and this is all I want in return!" HA! He agreed it's a bargan! I'm not the kinda woman that will spend $150.00 bucks on a purse, or shoes, or earrings, I just want the finer things in scrapbooking supplies!

Thank you Penny for hookin me up with your awesome "discount". This allowed me to get a few more "must haves" in the store yesterday!

Helllooooooo loooooooooooover! Welcome home!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


So, I have an obsession with sb kits. I have only had a few good experiences with them though, meaning I didn't like the price, the products, or the owner. I know, it's a snobby thing, but I'm ALL about customer service and great people. My sister always says I am a retailers dream, if they play their cards right. If someone is selling something and I kinda- I mean kinda like it and they are nice peeps I will buy with no hesitation and come back for more.

So I have listened to Dayami talk about the new kit that was launched in May for I thought I would check it out since Dayami raved about how much products were included and it was all great stuff. I signed up and got my kit and I was not disappointed. TONS of Heidi Swap goodies, and I was Damaris' (She's the owner) lucky number 50 in purchasing her first month kit so I got a KILLER goodie bag! OMG! ME? I never win! Damaris included a very cool card and a sweet note! wooooooooohoooooooooo! I'm lucky number 50! woooooohoooooo!!!

I didn't have a chance to take pictures since Kira and I were up late working on her year end school projects. As soon as I hit the pillow at midnight little Livie woke up at 12:17! augh!

Please check out Damaris' kit and your promised not to be disappointed.

Very sweet owner, attention to detail, and jam packed with products for a great price.
I can't wait to see what she has in store for her future kits.
I wish her much success and hope her kits fly off the shelf!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Little Girl Dancing Merengue

I can't tell you how much I love this little girl! She makes me laugh everytime I watch this!. Enjoy


It seems like I have no pictures of Aiko...? Not sure what that's about- I can't wait to get my camera again! augh!

Anyway, sweet Aiko. She is a blessing and a sweet baby girl.

Here is Aiko and Kira at the lake feeding the ducks with Tod and Livie.

Almost Done

My little Kira is at the end of her rope. Normally about this time she looses her mind with school. It's aaaaaaalmost over, and she can see the light at the end of the tunnel. She gets fustrated with teachers, she gets irritated with testing and she wants it all to be done. Its the last three months that I have to push her and push her to stay focused, she's almost done and then summer is right around the corner and she can sleep in and relax.

This is the last week of STAR Testing and she is so over it. Just a few more weeks my poor mija.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Sicker then a dog-

So Friday I woke up with my raging cold and it just seemed to get worse and worse as time ticked away. Friday Janice came by around 10:30 ish and we all took off to Michael's in Salinas. I was pretty disapointed in their store since they didnt have much on the shelves and I soo wanted to grab some goodies and head back home.
My eyes were watering, my nose was running and I couldnt stop sneezing..... Do I feel a fever coming on... ooh of course I do!
We headed back home to have lunch and scrpa and watch the second part of QVC scrapbooking. Not sure if it was just me, but I wasnt super impressed with their goods, so no ordering.
My fever raged on and I had a runny nose that just wouldnt stop. Tod watched Olivia for us. Janice made some mini acrylic albums for us, mom made a card, and Kira had a big fram and pictures she was working on for her friend who just lost their dog.

I took a break on the couch since I was feeling like doo-doo.
Last year I missed NSD and this year I was sooo ready. I guess my immune system wasn't!
So tons of snot rags later, I called it quits! I just couldnt go on, my body and head had had enough!
Tod ordered Hot & Sour Soup from our little resturant that we love and I was
mee~mee town before long!

(I did get one layout done, but no memory on Tod's camera to take a picture of it.. *Rolling eyes)

Thursday, May 1, 2008


So it's NSD Saturday and we will be celebrating it tomorrow since Kira and Janice already have plans to volunteer at her school to paint and clean up, Comcast Cares Day- blah! Hehehe! Tod would be doing it but he's on call (YEA RIGHT!)
So today was the worst part of my cold, my head hurts, my nose hurts, my bones ache and I can't stop sneezing! aurgh!
The day didn't get better... went to Costco for snacks for tomorrows crop here and to get some prints and enlargements. The prints were fine, but my enlargements were wayyyy off, chopped heads, people cut out of the picture, sigh, I think being sick and in a hurry I didn't even think to look at how they would appear. The lady who works in the photo dept said to bring them to the service desk for a refund and to redo... yea, here's the thing, I have been in Costco now for an hour and a half, I am sicker then a dog, and , yes AND great Aunt Flo is here and its the second day so, nope, I can't just "stick around" and "refund, wait redo, and wait some more"
My BAD. So I sucked it up and left. I can work with the other pics I have, but was soooooo drooling over the enlargements that I picked out. I suck! haha!

Tomorrow Janice will be here around 10:ish and Kira is skipping school. Mom and Livie will be here too. We will have qvc on since they will have scrapbooking on to. I already told Val and we laughed about how annoying Lisa can be, but soooooooo wanna see some new toys and things to buy.
Tod will be home and has tins of things he will be doing outside.

Tonight I have to pick up Kira from school- they had a DC Meeting and then we have to go to the grocery store for things I forgot at Costco, like artichoke hearts, drinks, cocktail sauce, and lemons.
The menu is:
artichoke dip
shrimp/creamcheese appetizer
chips and salsa and guacamole
Later for lunch:
Pastrami sandwiches and chips

Stopped by Mike's on the way home and I haven't been in there since, hm, like a year, seriously, since Janice and I made my baby shower invits. Man, have they changed. OF COURSE they were out of Cricut cutting mats and blades- I guess somethings never change! ha! Man, Martha Stewart has a corner on the market with her line.
Ended up purchasing a Me and My Big Ideas paper pack, some rub-ons, and a little stamp for mom.
Almost time to eat, Tod is Q~ing outside, pork loin. hmmmmm me likie!

So here's to NSD weekend and I hope ya'll celebrate in your own great way!