Sunday, September 4, 2011

It's been a looooong time.....a 2 page layout....

Before my sisters wedding one of the bridesmaids wanted to put a scrapbook together for my sister, with each of us girls in the wedding making a layout. So Kira busted her's out and then later that night I completed mine. They turned out great but I was too tired and lazy to pull out my camera! sad, but true! The album looks great so when I head to her house soon I will snap some shots of all the layouts.
Annnnnnnnyyyyyywayyyy, After that layout I wanted to scrap so Kira and I spent the day craftin around! She made an adorable card for her bestie and of course I didn't get a picture of it before she took it to her! sigh! But the next night I completed this layout below. I was up till 1:30 am and I JUST NOW snapped some photos! ha!
These pictures of Olivia crack me up! We found the Jessie costume at Walmart as soon as they put their Halloween stuff out, so we snagged it and had it from August till October and almost everyday without fail Olivia would tell me she was sooooo excited to be Jessie! On Halloween Kira took her into her room to start the transformation! Her hair, her outfit,her makeup, her painted on freckles! A D O R A B L E!!! And our lil Ollie was dressed up as in a monkey costume!!

I have to say it's been a looooooong long time since I did a layout and it felt great to do two in a month!!! ha!