Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

We slept in on Monther's Day since Livie slept in till 8:ish. wohooooooo! Tod and the girls gave me a camera! Its' the one that I dropped and broke that I originaly got for Christmas last year. No warranty and buying a refurbished one wasnt an option when we could spend $60.00 more bucks and get a new one again...... soooooo that's what they did, and I am thrilled!
The girls got ready and headed to their moms. Tod got ready and headed to his moms and grandmas.
Livie, Kira, mom and I made our way to Mt.View to be with grandma, Karen, and Betsy.
We went to our favorite Italian place in downtown Mt.View and had a great lunch and a great time. Livie was great and the waiter was great with her! I got some killer pics of Livie with Betsy and Livie with Grandma Joyce.
With all us women, it gets load and chaotic and I wouldn't have it any other way. These women mean the world to me and I cherish these times with them.
Our family is blessed to have my grandma with us and my mom. Last year mom was so ill and close to dying, that it's a miracle that she is with us to share another Mother's Day and to see her healthy again.
Now all I gotta do is download pics...... hopefully tonight.
Tomorrow is Tod's birthday so I have some running around to do after work today and tomorrow, so ..... pics may be downloaded LATER. Hehehe