Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There here! There here!!!

My stamps- MY PERSONAL STAMPS I ordered from stamps.com are here. They are fricken adorable. The pic is of little livie sucking her thumb----- note large picture on my blog-
They turned out so very cute!
Great price and great quality.
I want so so so many more now!!!

You gotta try it

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Awww, poor Brit Brit.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spring cleaning/2007 catchup

It's not really spring cleaning..... but it feels like it. It's catchup from 2007 clutter. Oh, the clutter, the never ending clutter.
I still can't tackle my scrapbook room. I think it's the fact that when I clean I like an empty house, time to myslef, and my music on....... Since I'm never alone, the baby is with my 98% of the time.... plus there is always someone coming and going and I will have to spread my stuff all over... that just wont work.
This weekend we are relaxing and cleaning. I'm trying to see an old friend but it might be hard this weekend if Tod ends up being oncall. Due to the rain, that pager goes off nonstop.
Kira's with us. So Im sure there will be a wii session between her and Tod.

I get my hair done on Thursday, oh, thank God! I look like a 62 year old mother of an infant child! crap! I look like crap!

Praise haircolor and Celeste!

Thursday, January 17, 2008



I ordered my stamps FINALLY! I'm so excited to get them. They should be here in 7 days!!!
eeeeeee!!! This website could get addicting!!!


I love you more then I could ever explain to you. I love your smile, your laugh and your wonderful, kind, generous and selfless personality.

You will always be my little baby girl. You bring me great joy every time I hear your voice.

We have been through some very hectic and crazy times together, but I am grateful I had you through it all. We grew up together and I am blown away by what an amazing young woman you have turned out to be.

You were a BEAUTIFUL baby then toddler and now your an insanely gorgeous teenager.

I love you with all my heart forever.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008


It's pretty common for people to have an absent parent. For Tod, not knowing his father has seemed to be a bigger deal then what he has wanted people to believe. He was however been raised by an amazing mom all the while she kepping his ass in line, she taught him how to act, and mind his manners.
"She's as mean as a snake!" he would tell me when he would remember times of his childhood, when his mom would have to spank him for some crazy act he did.
To me, she's wonderful, she's a blessing, and I love her. She loves my family, loves Kira and loves our baby Olivia.
He is blessed with an amazing mom.

Not knowing Earl is a sad thing. I wish Tod had a chance to sit and talk to him and get his side. To give him a chance to explain, apologize and perhaps be delighted in the fact that he had known his son, just for a small moment.

People spoke highly of Earl and some even acknowledged his flaws, with laughter and love the memorial service was very honorable. He was a jokster, a friend, an uncle, a brother, and a father.
In my eyes, Earl is Tod's father.

Earl Shallenberger
Services are Tuesday for Earl Shallenberger, who died Jan. 10 at his Freedom home after a long illness. He was 69.
A native of Pennsylvania, Mr. Shallenberger lived in Santa Cruz County since 1961. He worked for 35 years as a ceramic tile setter and was a U.S. Army veteran.
Mr. Shallenberger is survived by his sons, Todd of Watsonville and Scott of Oregon; daughters Sheli and Staci, both of Colorado; brothers Charles of Freedom and Terry of Pennsylvania; sisters Patricia of Pennsylvania, Mary of Iowa and Verna of Massachusetts; two grandchildren; and many nieces and nephews.
A memorial service will be 4 p.m. Tuesday at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall, 1960 Freedom Blvd., Freedom.
Arrangements are by Mehl's Colonial Chapel.

Monday, January 14, 2008


My favorite song...

McDonald's: The Rap

I love love looooooooooooooooove him


Augh, It's Monday. I feel refreshed that I was able to clean the living room, dinning room and kitchen. The kids were all at home, and so was Tod. It was nice to have everyone there. Tod's had insane overtime and I have missed him being home and talking to him. When he's out working I can't just turn to him and ask him something..... I have to make a mental note to remind myself to ask him a question when he gets home, and isnt so tired.
So since it was a mellow weekend and the weather was beautiful, we opened up our doors and windows and it was great to have a nice breeze in the house.

Olivia was dressed in just onsies this weekend, instead of being bundled up like a burrito! No socks on and cute little chubby legs. hm.... My 6 month old tickles my heart.

The next task is the scrapbook room and my closet. The reason why I wanna get in my scraproom is because of two-scoops. hm, man, that paper pack makes me happy! I wanna open up that pack and feel it, smell it and create with it. Thank you Janice from (embillishitonline.com) One of my killer Christmas gifts from my best friend.
I didnt have the energy or nerve to try and conquour either one of those tasks/room this weekend. I was too busy enjoying my family and the nice weather.

Friday, January 11, 2008

It's Friday

My house is a disaster, my car is a mess, my desk is full of stuff.
It's Friday.
Today is one of those days where everyone is standing in a line to ask you a question, to have you focus on their needs from 1 to 10 minutes or even longer. The kind of day where nothing seems to ever get accomplished, but your just so damn thrilled you don't have to return to work until Monday! hmm.. yep, it's one of those Fridays.

Goals this weekend:
Clean the living room- yes, remove the fricken FAKE Christmas tree from 2007
clean the dinning room- goal is to all be able to eat at the same table this Monday!
Clean the scraproom- Its insane. My kids would be taken away if Social Services saw that room alone!

FINALLY- Clean our closet. With Tod's help, this will be done!!!!

Wish me luck


It's 2008.....So I tried and tried and tried... yep.. and tried some more to remember, find and archive my old log in and password for MY OLD account for Blogger.... not successful. So here it is, a fresh new start, a new year, a newBlogger page, new link...same person and family, with a new edition to our tribe. We have welcomed a new baby girl on June 25th of 2007. I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.