Thursday, May 1, 2008


So it's NSD Saturday and we will be celebrating it tomorrow since Kira and Janice already have plans to volunteer at her school to paint and clean up, Comcast Cares Day- blah! Hehehe! Tod would be doing it but he's on call (YEA RIGHT!)
So today was the worst part of my cold, my head hurts, my nose hurts, my bones ache and I can't stop sneezing! aurgh!
The day didn't get better... went to Costco for snacks for tomorrows crop here and to get some prints and enlargements. The prints were fine, but my enlargements were wayyyy off, chopped heads, people cut out of the picture, sigh, I think being sick and in a hurry I didn't even think to look at how they would appear. The lady who works in the photo dept said to bring them to the service desk for a refund and to redo... yea, here's the thing, I have been in Costco now for an hour and a half, I am sicker then a dog, and , yes AND great Aunt Flo is here and its the second day so, nope, I can't just "stick around" and "refund, wait redo, and wait some more"
My BAD. So I sucked it up and left. I can work with the other pics I have, but was soooooo drooling over the enlargements that I picked out. I suck! haha!

Tomorrow Janice will be here around 10:ish and Kira is skipping school. Mom and Livie will be here too. We will have qvc on since they will have scrapbooking on to. I already told Val and we laughed about how annoying Lisa can be, but soooooooo wanna see some new toys and things to buy.
Tod will be home and has tins of things he will be doing outside.

Tonight I have to pick up Kira from school- they had a DC Meeting and then we have to go to the grocery store for things I forgot at Costco, like artichoke hearts, drinks, cocktail sauce, and lemons.
The menu is:
artichoke dip
shrimp/creamcheese appetizer
chips and salsa and guacamole
Later for lunch:
Pastrami sandwiches and chips

Stopped by Mike's on the way home and I haven't been in there since, hm, like a year, seriously, since Janice and I made my baby shower invits. Man, have they changed. OF COURSE they were out of Cricut cutting mats and blades- I guess somethings never change! ha! Man, Martha Stewart has a corner on the market with her line.
Ended up purchasing a Me and My Big Ideas paper pack, some rub-ons, and a little stamp for mom.
Almost time to eat, Tod is Q~ing outside, pork loin. hmmmmm me likie!

So here's to NSD weekend and I hope ya'll celebrate in your own great way!


Valerie said...

I missed all of NSD! haha! I was up in Alb. I totally forgot I had a dr appt and THEN they canceled it when I got there because they didn't do one of the blood tests so I had to reschdule..what a pain. Sounds like you all are gonna have a blast! I wanna hear all about it! :O)