Friday, July 23, 2010

Ollie Ollie Oxenfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our new lil boy Ollie came home FINALLY on June 30th 2010. Since the weather was too hot to fly across the states, we waited and waited.... and even waited some more....sigh.. He's pretty much worth the wait!
He is a lovebug, he just wants to cuddle. He follows me from room to room, he waits for me when I run outside to check the mail, (usually come back inside to find a small puddle of pee....we're still workin on the potty training!) and stands outside the shower until I get out. Yep, he's pretty much my new sidekick! He has the cutest growl and the funnest bark. He is a lover, not a fighter so he growls when he hears a strange noise, of is someone is coming to the door... I know, he's cute huh!?!? hahahah!
Anyway, The only challenge is teaching him to potty in his box and not...well....everywhere else in the house!
He's a good smart boy, so I'm sure he'll get it soon.......or .... later.......sigh!