Monday, June 16, 2008

Guilty Pleasure

It's mine, all mine, but I feel guilty. I drove home with it in my car and thought, " what the heck am I doing, I have to return this..... This is so out of my leauge, I HAVE LOST MY EVER LOVIN MIND!"

I kept it in my closet for two days as I saw Kira get off to her D.C Trip and waited for the right time to take it out and look at it...

My hands were sweaty and my heart was rasing.
Livie was sleeping and Tod was on his third round of Archery on the Wii standing beside me. I took her from the box and could smell the plastic and that new electronic smell. My tummy had a knot in it and I kept thinking to myself, "I'm so afriad of you....... I'm afraid I am gonna hurt you, your just to much for me"

I read the directions, inserted the lens, the battery, the strap and took my first shot.

Lightning fast and I almost lost my breath. I shot pictures rapidly of Peaches and Tod and the television and anything else that would move! PERFECT SHOT, EVERY TIME, My forehead was now sweating.

"Tod, I'm scared of her, I think I should take her back and get something simple"

"Are you kidding Jen? Are you serious?, don't even talk to me about this, just play around with it and you'll be ok"

I put her away and then brought her back out yesterday for Father's Day. Got great pics of Livie and Tod. Got even greater pics of Tod with Myoko and Aiko.

She's here to stay and I think I love her.......... when I think about her now I don't lose my breath and my heart doesnt drop into my rear!


Valerie said...

OH MY GOSH Jen you crack me up!!!! that's so awesome..I sware the next camera I get is not going to be so tired of spending 400 or more and it not good.

What kind of camera is this?

Dayami said...

Omgosh, you got me scared there for a while. I was like, "NO, DONT TAKE IT BACK!!!!!" Then at the end I was able to catch my breath again. Awww what a relief! ;)
I understand exactly what you mean about being scared to use it, I was scared for a long...long...long time now Im still scared but a prayer helps all the time, hahahahha!
of course, i dont dare to get it off the manual setting.
Enjoy it in good health and lots of happiness and love with your family!!!!!! It's a great investment!