Friday, June 20, 2008

Can you say PoPo?

So my manager comes over and tells me he heard these popping noises from outside, then a few minutes later, the police pull up close to our building.... wtf?

Let me back up to three days ago when our tech support guy called from Kansas and said he wanted to know the hotel right next to our building since we are having a computer conversion, they need to make sure they pic the right hotel for the team to stay at... yep, it's the Courtyard Marriott, RIGHT next door to our building. Cool? COOL!

So today we look out our building's four story windows and see the Marriott is blocked off and the entrance and drive way to our building is now ground zero for 15 cops and reporters and is taped off.... yea, and the channel 11 news chopper is above our building!


Apparently there was a known fugitive staying at the marriott and was being apprehended..... it didn't seem to go down according to plan, so shots were fired, he was wounded and taken away. A young woman in a hot pink blouse was taken in handcuffs ( why the blouse color made it in to the report is beyond me- hey! It's California and it's stinkin hot today! Whatever keeps you cool sister!)

So this is the view out my window today....
And the Kansas people coming........... they may wanna switch hotels...... I'm just syaing....
Back to my happy place- Kira get's home from her D.C trip tomorrow and I can't WAIT to see her! I miss her face, her smile, her smell, her hugs, and her voice. She's having a blast (with a few minor girly set backs, like lets say four girls in a hotel for a week...yea, there's some drama there for ya!) She has taken over 800 picutres and has seen some awesome historical places that I will never be able to see. She knows this was a trip of a lifetime and she soaked it all in!!!
I love that babygirl more then I could ever truly express to anyone. I just can't wait to get my arms around her!!!!


Valerie said...

OH YIKES thats scary stuff!

HEY and what do you got against HOT pink LOL! JK! I don't think I could ever wear it...I'd look like a big ol ass whale in a BRIGHT tshirt YIKES thats a scary thought LOL!