Monday, June 30, 2008

Your another cutie I had to have

So I THOUGHT I did a very thourough look into alllllll the die cutting machines out there, I compared prices, prices and quality of individual dies blah blah blah.... so I went with the CK Revolution. I love her, she's a keeper...... but in the back og my mind I kept thinking of that cutie pie the cuttlebug..... I felt dirty and shameful.... should I have chose her first? Since I keep thinking of her and that great Revolution was loyal and beautiful too.....

I get this email from Janice saying that the cuttelbug is at for cheap and their s&h was only $2.95.... wth???? seriously...???? I'm on it!
I got her Friday and she is a cutie Pa-tootie..... i lovvvvvvvvvve her..... and her dies are inexpensive and fun fun..... I'm still a faithful girl to my Revolution. But I do love me some cuttlebug!


Valerie said...

YAY to new toys! I bet you could have used alot of the cuddlebug dies with that other die cut machine you have...because I know alot are compantable. I use cuttlebug and quickkutz in my big shot.

Dana said...

hello! Hello! happy friday. I linked you through Pink Paislee... your pictures from Livies B-day are adorable!