Sunday, June 24, 2012

And a layout....who knew!?!?

Last year the bridesmaids & the two maid of honors in my sisters wedding made a layout each and put them in an album to give to her on the day of her AMAZZZZING wedding.......... I finally got to take a picture of the layouts Kira and I did......only a year later! HAHA!! The first one is the layout I did of my sister and I and the second one is the one Kira did of her and my sister.

Kira's Graduation 2012!

It's amazing how fast these last four years of high school just flew by. I have missed getting school drawings, or school projects to save for many years now, and I also miss when I would pick her up from school and she would tell me, "Did you know......" where I would learn something new about a state of something about an animal or something in history. Kira has always been a fast learner, excelling in math and challenging herself in things like history or science. She hit road blocks and worked through them, she learned from her mistakes, she grew into her own personality and became a beautiful, smart and kind young woman by the time she finished her high school years. I am blessed that Kira has a strong faith in God and is in love with Jesus, she has been a blessing to her family and continues to amaze me! She makes me laugh daily and even though she out grew that small child giggle, her laugh still makes my heart flitter every time I hear her laugh and smile. I pray God continues to bless her, that she continues to follow His path and always look to Him for her answers. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Olivia's Preschool Graduation!!

I still find it hard to believe that Tod and I have an ALMOST five year old. It still blows me away when I look into her eyes and when I hear her sweet small voice that God had plans for us that we had nooooooooooo idea were coming. Yet, her she is ALMOST five years old and my precious little baby girl. We were blessed that the preschool in Seaside was just perfect for her, it may have been a longer drive for us, but the pay off was wonderful. She had a team of four great teachers, they were kind, nurturing, they were helpful, funny and patient. I loved each one of them!!!!

     Today when she graduated I was so emotional- It's a thing I have, God knows all about my tears of joy! I cried when she was lined up to walk down the isle and she saw us and waved so hard and proud with a big big smile! Then she leaned over to her one teacher and told her, "My momma and Kira are here!" (She couldn't see her daddy yet because he didn't stand up yet) As she walked down the isle and she saw her dad, she beamed and got so happy and smiled and waved so big at him!

    Thank you Jesus, thank you for your PERFECT plan, even when WE think we have it all under control and things figured out, you bring us this beautiful, healthy, happy, funny, spunky gift and I am able to call her mine.
I am blessed everyday by the love and joy she brings us daily. Thank you Jesus for giving me the responsibility and joy of being her momma. Amen.