Sunday, June 24, 2012

And a layout....who knew!?!?

Last year the bridesmaids & the two maid of honors in my sisters wedding made a layout each and put them in an album to give to her on the day of her AMAZZZZING wedding.......... I finally got to take a picture of the layouts Kira and I did......only a year later! HAHA!! The first one is the layout I did of my sister and I and the second one is the one Kira did of her and my sister.


Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

OMG, where do the years go indeed, I loved Kira's graduation post. I have been through a few of my childrens graduations and each time I experience that bittersweet moment. The one that makes you proud and happy but you feel like crying at the same time because you know the years have gone by way to fast and that little person that trailed behind you now has grown into their own person with great quality's and the ability to do things on there own, and now will go on a path a journey that only they can make with God's blessing. Your layout is beautiful, looks like it is going to be a gorgeous album when these scrap pages are in it. Hugs always.

Dayami said...

Jen, these are sooo cute!!! Loving the pictures and that pink glittered paper is pure eye candy :)
hugs ;)