Thursday, August 13, 2009

Yessssssssss, It's that time again......

Every year about this time Tod and I have endless conversations about back to school supplies, clothes, money, school pictures, school pe clothes, pe shoes, backpacks, more money talk, sports passes, student id pictures, and again more talk about money for all these supplies.
Now that Myo is off at college she still gets back to school funds she just spends it on what she wants! haha! Every year, one of us will break into this song, and it cracks me up everytime!
As our kids sit around and sulck(HEHEHEHE!!!), I truly wish all the parentals out there HAPPY BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING, BECAUSE IT IS THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!


Leah said...

your such a dork...lolololol! but now that i will have a kid in school...i can join the fun!

Sandy said... I work in education and have 4 boysss i find this toooo funny!!!!

Damaris said...

Hee, hee,hee!!! YOU are too freaking hilarious. You have cracked me up girl.

ivyPINK said...

LOL :) I luv back to school shopping! its my favorite! even though im not school anymore its VERY HARD to resist! heehee

Sharon said...

Hi there!
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