Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Busy summer time schtuff

I have posted before that during strawberry season we are blessed by friends who bring over boxes, crates and containers of these beautiful strawberries that are grown locally.
This season I made strawberry/Rhubarb pie, strawberry jam, strawberry smoothies. Then we were SUPER blessed with flats of BlackBerries! Uhm YEA, MY ALL TIME FAV!!! I made blackberry cobblers, like 5 of them. Blackberry smoothies and then pretty much ate handfuls out of bowls all day with Livie, who, as you can see LOVES THEM TOO!!!
After we finished with the blackberries, we got some funny lookin squash..... Liv wouldnt go near 'em! lol

We also celebrated Liv's birthday which was back in June but had a party on July 4th. She was SUPER excited about her Wow Wow Wubbzy cake and when everyone sang happy birthday to her I thought she was gonna fall off of her chair! lol
Here are some pics of our summer schtuff!


Damaris said...

Wow..those berries look so luscious! Yummo. I certainly will do anything I can to entice you to come and hang with us at the Scrapbook Retreat next year. I will begin working on it RIGHT now. Payment plans are readily accepted!!!! You can even stay with me until we get up to the hotel.(Hope you like puertorican food..he,hee) By the way, congrats on winning on Sharon's blog. Aaarrrrggghhhh! I wanted to win that RAK...I told her to rigg it...but NO, she would not listen. She is too darn noble. Honesty is overated..LOL.....I could have lived with it...Ok, seriously, since, I did not win..I'm glad it was you...LOL.

Sandy said...

what a yummy summer you had....and i too would have been eating them by the bowl the pics with the berry stained face....