Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Circle of Friends part II

Okay, I got this awesome award from Faith and I am so thrilled to call her friend.
Have you ever chatted with a person and realized your lives are very very similar and the paths you both took seem to have way to many similarities? That's how I feel about Faith. I feel like if we were ever to meet, we could spend all day talking, laughing, crying and laughing again. I feel like I have known her for years. So thank you Faith, thank you for your friendship, for your kindness and for just being an awesome friend. Keep up the good work, your a strong, wonderful supportive momma and friend!!!

So now the rules, I need to link 5 friends to this award:

1. Janice ~ She has been my friend for a long LONG time and knows the good the bad and the pretty gross about me! and she even still likes me!

2. Lillian ~She's super talented, has a very positive personality and has a great smile!

3. Leah ~ Funny how we met on the Cricut MB but she already knew my sister! Leah is super fun, sweet and I think we have tons in common, she gives me great tips both creatively and personally!!!

4. Sandy ~ Man, she is super talented, very kind and I wish and hope to learn more about her!

5. Bridget ~ She has an awesome kind personality and I think she's wickedly talented!


~BridgetL~ said...

Wow, thanks for the compliment. I never considered myself wickedly talented. LOL I will add this to the ride side bar. Thanks:)

Sandy said... sweet are you...i will get this posted and passed as soon as I can...thanx for the sweet sweet comments and welcoming me into your circle of friends....hugs sandy

Leah said...

thanx for returning the favor! love u very much!

Masked Marauder said...

Jen I couldn't have explained us any better if I'd have done it myself! I already treasure the gift of your friendship and can't WAIT to meet you...not sure how we'll logistically pull that off but I can dream right?