Thursday, September 24, 2009

For da love of JuJuBee's!!!

I have been waiting for the launch of her kits, and let me tell you, they rock!!
JuJu Bee's has an awesome KIT CLUB now, I was lucky to get her first month and love what I got! Tons of paper for more then one two sided 12x12 layout, yummy Prima embelli's, cool ribbon and much much more!
Check it out HERE!! You'll also wanna check out her store, she has great sales, super fast shipping and yummy products! Plus the bonus is she is always a delight to talk to, so if you have any questions, comments let her know! She's a sweetie peetie! Check out her deals HERE!

Don't miss out on her cool BLOG!!! She has tons of new fun products that she lets her peeps know about, great eye candy, and a Fall Frenzy Online Crop until Sept 27th! GAMES, CHALLENGES, PRIZES!!! HOW CAN YA NOT STOP BY!?!?!

Come join the yummieness and check her out, join the KIT CLUB, join the FORUM, Dive into the ONLINE CROP, Check her STORE out, and order some googies and then get ready to create away!


AmesOx said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word about JuJu Bee's! I hope you enjoy the stunning kit Julia has put together, it's wonderful isn't it?! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!

JuJu Bee's Scrapbook Corner said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word about our kit club and joining in on the fun this weekend. You have also been randomly picked as one of our blog buzz winners! CONGRATS!

Valerie said...

I would have loved to be part of JuJu bee's she promised a few things to me and never even came through from forgetting that she told me I could be on her DT & do sketches for her and to being her guest designer..then giving me a discount on some stamps I was going to buy from her...then she said she would send the stamps to me for free for forgetting all that and never did blah!

So tired of people promising and never coming through what they's a real disappointment and hurts me because after I do so much for others.

Leah said...

you won something??? you should, you desire a lil' something fun!!!
I miss you...can't wait til our weekender swarm!!!

Anonymous said...

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