Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Late LATE pictures

I only have limited time at home to hid in my room and play on the computer. It's usually less then a half hour, and even that is a stretch. If Tod gives Livie a bath then I can download pics online, surf by my favorite blogs or try to even post a new blog of my own! ha! The problem I have is that there are 498 photos on my computer that I just downloaded and trying to get them into photobucket ends up being the long and painful process that I dread! augh! Now why would it take me 10 minutes to upload the 498 pictures to my computer but then it takes me close to 45 minutes to move 12 photos to photobucket? wtf is wrong with that? well, I'll tell ya! Tod usually gets nervous when Livie starts the whinny "beback!" meaning I am in the other room where she can't see me, so she knows I'll be back, so she calls it "beback". Then she stands at the door and tries to fit a toy- usually Elmo under it to get my attention. sigh. Heartbreaking I tell ya!
So photobucket is on mysh*tlist and if there is a better place MEANING QUICKER- to download my pictures, then someone let me know!
In the mean time, here is my attempt at catching up on late LATE pictures.....

Livie started with her pajamas on when we started but then ended up with just her diaper. She screamed like a banchiee when I took her to the room to get her cleaned up!

Halloween, I gotta ways to go!


Georgina said...

498 photos? yikes girl!! but I hear ya!! LOL I love the Halloween photos!! hmm, think by July you'll have the Thanksgiving/Christmas ones up? LOL =) hope all is well =)

Valerie said...

LOL! your one crazy chic! Just wait till I tell that little girl when she gets bigger...your Mom used to hide from you to upload pics LOL! JK! And I think 400 and some pics are gonna take you forever to upload NO matter where you upload them to thats alot of pics girlfriend!

Them are great pics! I just LOVE your family and miss you with all my heart!

shabby girl said...

Don't you just love having your house full of your kids, and your love, and the warmth of having fun together? Me too.