Friday, January 30, 2009

I've been PIMPED!!!

I wan't feelin my blog any more, eh, it just wasn't thrilling me to open it up and post songs, comments, videos, etc.

So Ms.Val said she could PIMP my blog!
I love it, I love my banner, I love how the body of the blog is white with pink trim, it's clean to me and me likie!!!

Thank you Val for PIMPIN my blog!!
* I think I wanna little flourish of some kind off to the side, but I'm 100% down with how it turned out!!!


Georgina said...

OH I LOVE it Jen-Jen!!! your banner ROCKS!! =)

shabby girl said...

Awesome! Oh yes, I love the banner with the pictures and the little white flowers at the bottom of it! And I love your playlist thingy! You'll want to post more just to look at it! hehehe.

Damaris said...

Oh, I love it too!!! She did a fine job at pimpin' it up!!! LOL

Valerie said...

Your VERY welcome Jen Jen! I love you and would do anything for ya!

I won't be home tomorrow but we can get some little flourishes going on your side. I can get it done on Wed. Just email me and remind me or I'll email you and remind you or one of the two haha!

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