Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hellooooo 2009

It's January 2009 and I have yet to write 2008 on paper work! ha! Yeay for me!

I don't have any new pics to share since I havent had a second to download them. Great!

I can tell ya our Christmas was probably the best Christmas we have all spent together. We all enjoyed each others company and laughed about gifts, listened to great music- Elvis Christmas cd-ha! And the highlight was watching Livie in the middle of her big sisters unwrapping all their gifts! Livie was with Tod and I in the morning, while the other girls were off at their other parentals until later that day. So Livie was not in the greatest of moods on Christmas morning, but when we all got home and the big sisters settled in the living room to open their gifts and dig their way through their stocking, Livie had a blast! She was tickled to have those three sisters all around her!


shabby girl said...

THERE YOU ARE!!! I was afraid I was going to have to call out the Blogger search and rescue!
Sounds like a great Christmas! So fun to have little ones around for that. Ours was pretty quiet, only Shannon was able to make it over for a few days, but it's always so wonderful to spend time with her!

fivejensenboyz said...

Hey girlfriend....How cute is Livvie....reminds of Kumaka...when everyone is at school he is so annoyed and when they come home he just squeels in delight! It's so funny!

Happy New Year my friend!

Georgina said...

awww Jen!! so glad to hear you guys had a great Christmas!! Now it's a new year and back to the routine, huh? =) Sorry I have been a stranger... no excuse.. HA.. =(
Happy (late) New Year =)

Valerie said...

So glad to hear you all had a blessed Christmas...sounds like a blast watching Olivia open them gifts and jammin to Elvis I LOVE that man and his music haha!