Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Do the right thing

So I haven't slept in days, last night was the worst. Tossing and turning.
Got in line early this morning to vote. After, a feeling overwhelmed me. I turned to Kira in the car and said, "Let me tell you Kira, remember to always do this..." She turned to me and listened as I told her, "Remember to always do your homework, your own foot work on issues." Don't act like the kids at school that just echo what their parents say, find out for yourself what potential presidents stand for, research each issue and what they believe, don't take my word for it, or even better yet, when you research and find out the facts, you are able to 'call your mom out' on issues I may view differently then you." "Don't just say what you hear your parents saying, challenge your parents, find out the truth and you'll always be able to speak intelligently on issues, to your classmates, teachers, parents, and to whomever may want to debate with you."
"Kira, it's your right to dig for the truth, to speak the truth, no matter who may agree or disagree with you."
She listened and shared her views about the last few days in school regarding the election. Some kids for Barrack Hussein Obama and some for John McCain. Kira stated clearly who she was for. Her words to me: "I wish I could vote, this is probably the most important election in my life time."
My mom's friend said it best two days ago:
Mom's friend: "I'm scared for the future."
Mom: "But as believers, we know we do not need to be afraid."
Mom's friend: "I guess I'm sad for our world, a world my children never got to know that was once good."
I believe in God, I believe Jesus died for our sins to have eternal life. I was raised that "In God We Trust" and thought for sure our American presidency would never doubt that as well.
I know now I was wrong.

I pray for Hope, Love and His coming


Valerie said...

awwww your a wonderful Mom!

Georgina said...

WOW Jen!! this gave me chills!! SO true and kinda bittersweet...
Meanwhile we must stand strong and be faithful to our God =)
Keep the Faith sistah!!!
your girls are so blessed to have you as their MAMA!! =)

shabby girl said...

I loved that you put this picture on your blog!
How can this man be the best person to lead this country if he has no allegience to it? Scares me!
Love your new borders!