Monday, October 27, 2008

Talented chics

So I have found their blog- they rock, their talented and seem pretty dang sweet!
I have stalked their work on Ebay, have them as friends on Myspace and now will stalk their blog!
I wish I was so talened as these chics!


Emily said...

YAY!!! I'm excited that you linked us! You're actually the only one who has commented on the blog candy! You MIGHT be the winner! lol I will choose a winner tonight, but of no one else respons, then it's all yours! :-) Thanks so much for being an MLDT supporter! You rock!

Linda (scrappinlindy) said...

Hi, it's Linda (eBay scrappinglindy)from MLDT blog. Thanks so much for checking in at our blog. I hope you have many more visits and are a winner this week. If not, check back as we will be having many more opportunities to win.

Georgina said...

wowsers.. I love their schtuff!! thanks for sharing.. now I will 'stalk' with ya sister!! LOL