Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Spring cleaning/2007 catchup

It's not really spring cleaning..... but it feels like it. It's catchup from 2007 clutter. Oh, the clutter, the never ending clutter.
I still can't tackle my scrapbook room. I think it's the fact that when I clean I like an empty house, time to myslef, and my music on....... Since I'm never alone, the baby is with my 98% of the time.... plus there is always someone coming and going and I will have to spread my stuff all over... that just wont work.
This weekend we are relaxing and cleaning. I'm trying to see an old friend but it might be hard this weekend if Tod ends up being oncall. Due to the rain, that pager goes off nonstop.
Kira's with us. So Im sure there will be a wii session between her and Tod.

I get my hair done on Thursday, oh, thank God! I look like a 62 year old mother of an infant child! crap! I look like crap!

Praise haircolor and Celeste!