Monday, January 14, 2008


Augh, It's Monday. I feel refreshed that I was able to clean the living room, dinning room and kitchen. The kids were all at home, and so was Tod. It was nice to have everyone there. Tod's had insane overtime and I have missed him being home and talking to him. When he's out working I can't just turn to him and ask him something..... I have to make a mental note to remind myself to ask him a question when he gets home, and isnt so tired.
So since it was a mellow weekend and the weather was beautiful, we opened up our doors and windows and it was great to have a nice breeze in the house.

Olivia was dressed in just onsies this weekend, instead of being bundled up like a burrito! No socks on and cute little chubby legs. hm.... My 6 month old tickles my heart.

The next task is the scrapbook room and my closet. The reason why I wanna get in my scraproom is because of two-scoops. hm, man, that paper pack makes me happy! I wanna open up that pack and feel it, smell it and create with it. Thank you Janice from ( One of my killer Christmas gifts from my best friend.
I didnt have the energy or nerve to try and conquour either one of those tasks/room this weekend. I was too busy enjoying my family and the nice weather.


Valerie said...

glad the whole family was together this weekend! WOW opening the windows I wish it was nice here to do that! I can't wait till the spring when I can open my 3 big glass sliding doors and let the air in! That paper pack is cute!