Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer updates

Summer has been busy this year. Lots of activities and trips planned. So this summer I have taken time off from Facebook and will return in the fall. This way I can just focus on the family and friends.

I have things I also need to accomplish this summer, I want to purge my scraproom, get chairs for our dinning room table, get Olivia's room organized and decorated, and clean Tod's mancave.....that has tons of my craft stuff in it.

So see, no need to FB when I have a full list of things to get done!
Enjoy your summer!


DonnaMundinger said...

Good luck with all that, hon! Aren't you ambitious!! Have a great rest of your summer. Enjoy! xxD

Damaris said...

Thanks for your prayers!!! It really hit me hard. He was truly an amazing man. me your email address...I got some news regarding Scrapbook & Create!!! Good luck with all the projects!!! I know you can do it!!!

Leah (*BeeCherryLady*) said...

Hiya babe!
Been thinking about you a TON lately...
Think I need to call you...I"d do it now but do you really want me calling the house at 7:40am? LOL!
You can't believe the pressure I get to FB...why? I don't know but I swear I'm gonna hold off for as long as humanly possible! LOL!

Love you miss you!