Monday, June 27, 2011

Hunger Games

So have you read these books? Well in January I was waiting for my sister to start her testing for her Estheticianlicense and she handed me this book....within the first chapter I thought two things, I hope they make a movie from this book and second, how am I gonna get this book from my sister!!!!!!!!!!!!

I tried and tried for months to get Kira to read these books but she just wasn't haven it. Then about two weeks ago I told her, "Just try it, you'll love it." She said, (sigh!)"Will I be hooked or will it drag on...!?!" I said, "HA! You'll be hooked in the first chapter and you won't be able to put it down till it's finished!" Yea, she loved it! hahah!

So if you haven't read it, do it now! It's a great read, great love triangle and truly great suspense.


DonnaMundinger said...

OOOOh, sounds like my kinda book! Have to check it out. thanks, hon! xxD