Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reno~ Cherished memories

Hmmm, it's been a while! My house is now plagued with a nasty cold! I ended up with it as we were leaving on our annual Reno trip- same exact thing happened last year too! I was sicker then a dog when we went last year and then again this year........sigh.................Can you EVEN believe it?!?
As we arrived in Reno I was done with my pitty party and was determined to have a great time, yea, even though I wouldn't be able to fully taste the AWESOME all you can eat sushi bar! Or the prime rib, shrimp, or other yummieness at the very cool buffet Tod and I like to go too. sigh- So I sucked it up! Standing in line to check in to our hotel, I was helped by this young, totally adorable, 20- something, friendly clerk. I commented how cute her GREEN finger nails were since St.Patricks Day was the following day, and as I found out her birthday! Two minutes later we are laughing and chatting and then BAM! SHE UPGRADES US TO A SUITE!!!...............OOOOOOOOOHHHH SWEET JESUS! How incredibly kind was that??! The room was off the schiznit! Jacuzzi tub, marble bath room, plasma tv's in the bathroom and a bed that made me squeal!!! I was so blessed, I took advantage of the Jacuzzi and soaked for TWO hours while Tod went downstairs and gambled. I rocked out to their Bose stereo system in the room,(Thank you Lady GaGa for keeping me company) turned off the lights, and enjoyed the city lights from the 12th floor!!! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm-oh, yea, even though I couldn't breath out of my nose, or enjoy the full Bose system due to heavily plugged ears, It rocked all the same!!! I was 100% grateful for this chickies kindess!!!

In Reno Tod hit his stores he wanted to go to, then I was off to do some thrift finds.
Eh, nothing I HAD to have except for this stack of beauties below. These my friends are typed and loved recipes with a sprinkle of interesting newspaper clippings. I found them in a thrift store and had to have them. ....why you ask??? Let me paint you the picture that goes on in my head, so you will see why I had to have these:
Back in the day I would talk to my grandma and step grandma on the phone about life, like, potty training, acne, diaper rashes,planting a small garden, making my whites whiter, cleaning soap scum, etc...You get the idea... Soon after these conversations, letters would arrive from my grandmas with newspaper articles or magazine articles about the ailments that I spoke about on the phone. Also there would be a typed letter stating, "Jennifer, I found this in Woman's Day this week and thought it could be useful, Love Grandma"
First, how thoughtful to take the time to cut the article, type me a letter and send it off in an envelope full of love! Now when I saw this large ziplock bag full of clippings and hand typed recipes on the thrift store shelf, I thought that somewhere this grandma had taken A LOT of time to type these important recipes up, she also took time to clip these articles out that meant something to her... then, I think she probably passed on and her grown kids from out of state came to clean out her house- estate sale if you will, and tossed most of these things in a box for the "Goodwill"- well, my heart broke and, well, they needed to come home with me. I thought if it was my grandma and her recipes it would be one of the first things I would want to hold onto and cherish.
So next weeks task:
Get a new recipe box for them, sort them and file them and place a tag on the front of the box that will say, "Grandma's cherished recipes"

Large photodump the next time I post. Off to kiss sick kids and my honey night night


shabby girl said...

You are so cute! This really made me smile. You're right, full of love!

Leah said...

What a great story! How great was that girl! Just goes to show you what being a kind person can bring you....

I can not believe that someone would give away that stack of clippings and such!

I love that you got it and I know that you will treasure it!

I'd write more but there is a bit of a breakdown happening in the other room! (which kid? take your pick! LOL! ok, never Cody but...)

miss you miss you miss you!