Friday, January 1, 2010


I pray that the Lord finds you well and blesses you immensely in 2010.

It's AMLOST the second day of the new year..... Is time speeding by already.... ? sigh......
Today started out a little startling as I noticed a BUMP, not on one of the "girls" but a liiiiiiitle lower. I'll be keeping a watchful eye out on that one..... well not so much literally since I would be a contortionist!!!! Tod was happy to assist in my home examination though.........sigh!
Anyway, I know it will be fine, just a little startling.... "Hello 2010, here is a nice lump for you to worry night an day about!!! lol!

Since It's almost the SECOND day of the new year, and the first has slipped by so fast, I thought I would post some pics.

I hope you are all well and find new adventures and tons of dreams fulfilled in this new and exciting year. 2009 was NOT my favorite year, but blessed with my family, friends, and health all the same!

On to the pics.

Myself, Kira, and Betsy

Olivia and ALLLLLL her Elmos'

Betsy and I

Beautiful Kira on her 16th Birthday! with lil Liv


shabby girl said...

Such cute pictures Jen! You look mahvelous at 40!!!
Go get the lump checked out right away. Don't waste precious time worrying.
I love the thought of a "new" year. Clean slate, a start over. I hope yours if full of wonderful things!

~BridgetL~ said...

Wishing you and your family a New Year that filled with lots of love, health and happiness.

Leah said...

holy sheeet you are seriously one hot lumpy woman! woo hoo! ok only teasing about the lumpy part, I know that must be worrisome. So I haven't called you yet, darn me! But will!
I was just telling Justin that I miss you really badly!
Tell the family that I said hello and am thinking of them!!!!
Love ya lots and lots!

Damaris said...

Hey girlie, Happy New Year! I am sending you a huge hug with tons of blessings from above for this new year!!! Please go and get that checked out immediately. It will ease your mind. Keeping you in my prayers!

Sandy said... sorry for the worry for your health....I know it will be okay....beautiful pix...beautiful you...thanx so much for the blog luv....means a lot....hope all is well in the New Year!