Monday, December 7, 2009

M.I.A.....? But I have pics...

Where has the time gone?? It is now December and days just flew by me! I did capture some high points on my camera.
I know EXACTLY when things went haywire! Right after our scrapbook retreat in Discovery Bay back in October. As soon as I got back it seemed as if my life just went into high speed and I could barley get out of bed. It wasn't that I was depressed, just overwhelmed.
Birthdays, allergies, rashes, migraines, ill cat, sick kids, bratty kids, pms, cramps, dreading your 40th birthday.... etc all seemed to take its toll on me.

Here are some of the highlights....of the Good times.
Happy holidays to you all, and remember to always tell the people you love, "I love you", you might not get a second chance.

Discovery Bay Sunset~ October 2009

Carving da pumpkins~ 2009
They look awesome!!!!!

Little Tinkerbell and her daddy! Halloween night Monterey

Grandma's 80th Birthday party~ November 2009
My 40th Birthday(UUUURGGHHH!) November 2009

More baking.....

Liv & her daddy preparing apples for homemade apple pies
and more baking........
And finally getting ready for Christmas!


shabby girl said...

Oh She's getting so big!!! Love the Tink photo! And Todd's fishing shirt! Ha ha haha

Sandy said...

oh thanx so much for sharing your fun times with us....we can all sure realte to being overwhelmed...our society is overwhelmed I think...and as far as the bday...don't dread it...I am 48 and fiesty...LOL...each birthday is a blessing....the alternative is not good!!!!!!!Happy days!!!!

Leah said...

Hiya babe! shoot, I was just going to get up and call you..its sunday, the sunday after Xmas but its still only 8something AM, too early to call! LOL!
I miss you soooooooooooo bad! But I do have to say that I feel you..thats been my life too since our retreat!
minus the pms because I am not there yet! LOL!