Monday, September 10, 2012

Where did the summer go??

It's the first week of fall here and I LOVE fall....but where o where did summer go??
Man, I was in complete denial the first part of August when I realized Olivia would be starting Kindergarten at the end of August...NOT September like I told me brain over and over....sigh...bittersweet. Lot's of tears, worry and I would have to say almost a type of mourning. Mourning that I would no longer have my 5 year old sidekick by my side 24/7. Mourning that we wouldn't have time to snuggle after breakfast and watch Nick JR or her favorite cartoon Tom & Jerry. I was sad that we wouldn't spend the days drawing, playing with play-doh or watching Finding Nemo for the 74,41541515,15416512561 time!
   On the flip side I am blessed beyond words to be able to take her to and from school. I am blessed that I can volunteer and help her teacher, or the school. Now that's a blessing that I am so so grateful for. So as she  went to school on that first day, it was completely overwhelming for us both....what would I do with my half day "Olivia free"? What would she do without me not next to her to help her?
  We both managed. We both shed tears that day, neither one knowing the other one was crying. Then the next day got easier, and so on.
 Now Olivia looks forward to her new friends, her library time and her 3rd grade buddy named Olivia they visit on Friday's. I look forward to my days during the week that include a small moment of peace and quite to pray and thank God for all I have.

                                                           (4th of July 2012)