Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Perch Derby 2012

This year we all signed up for the Annual Perch Derby in Santa Cruz. Normally it's Tod, Tom and Tony and last year paul, Tony's son joined them. This was the day after the Tsunami and fishing was kinda odd. The guys reported that the fish were there but they were small.... which in turn ment all the winning fish were on the smaller side.... Tod told Kira and I that a woman had one with a small perch, ounces...not pounds. Kira and I vowed that night we would join them for the 2012 Derby and we did! Along with Pauls girlfriend Trish and Tom's wife Carolyn. We headed to our spot at 3am and set up. The first catch was Tod, a small leopard shark. Later Tom and Carolyn arrived and set up their gear. It was cold, dark and windy. Carolyn was smart and relaxed in their warm car till about 8am, after the sun had come up and the wind and cold had finally died down. Soon after Paul, Trish and Matt Tony this time, his wife had been super ill and he was at home with her.

I didn't mention anything to anyone, but the night before the Derby God had told me Kira and Matt were going to win. I kept it to myself....until Tom and Carolyn were on fire, their poles were getting hit by perch left and right! Tom landed a BIG perch, 2.8 pounds. Shortly after I told Kira what God had told me...she was I was. Kira and Matt had no fish as of yet.....

As I was watching our four poles in the water, I glanced at the one to the right, which was Kira's, it had done a funny little quick shake, and Tod started to reel it in...."Did he notice it was shaking as if a fish was on the line?" That was my thought, and then he said, "Kira, come get your fish, you got a bit" Kira jumped up and ran for her pole. She was nervous afraid her fish would come off as she reeled him in...."Some one take the pole, I'm gonna throw up,I'm too scared he's gonna come off!" ha! No one took it from her, and she did it all by herself!!!! He was a beautiful perch and weighed 2.6 pounds!!! Thank you Jesus! I winked up at the beautiful Blue California skies and said "Thank you".
Later I was talking to God saying...."Matt, really? he hasn't even had a fish over .4 ounces"....and just as I finished that statement to God, "Matt!!! Grab your pole before it goes in the water!!" Matt jumped up and reeled in his winning fish. I knew then that there was no need for either of them to keep fishing, those were the winning fish God had provided.

Back at weigh in, Kira weighed her fish and then got her picture taken over and over for several magazines....then we made our way to eat our dinner there and relax while we waited for everyone to make their way to the weigh in. Tony showed up after his wife was feeling better and was able to eat dinner with us and sit with us as we waited for results of who won.......

Tom won 3rd place men's division, Matt won 1st place jr's division boys, Carolyn won 3rd place woman's division, Trish took 2nd place woman's division, and Kira won 1st place woman's division. It was amazing, it was a blast and to know God told me Matt and Kira would win humbled me....why not info about Tom, Carolyn, and Trish...? I think maybe it was Him telling me the 1st place winners would be Matt and Kira...I just know it was amazing to watch it all unfold and it was a blessing He told me.


Evethmoon Crafty Creations said...

Wow, What an amazing time you must have all had.I'm so glad they won, I can tell how happy you were at that moment, God is so good to us if we just let him in. Thanks for sharing this with us. I have not posted any new stuff, I have been busy re-organizing my tiny craft room and the big standard test are up in a few weeks and I'm helping my eight year old son so he can pass them. I can't even remember none of that stuff he's learning now pre algebra in third grade hmmm. I'll try to post some new stuff soon, my poor blog is so lonely LOL. Hugs and God bless