Monday, November 1, 2010


This was a great Halloween this year. Olivia was BEYOND excited about dressing up and going out to Trick Or Treat. My mom practiced with her over and over how to go to the door and when it opens, you say, "Trick Or Treat" ..... soooooooo at EVERY door she said that WHOLE thing as she marched up the steps to knock on a door! It was the cutest thing EVA!

We carved our pumpkins on Sunday afternoon and Liv was adamant that she wanted an intricate spider and web on her pumpkin so I got to use the stencil and spent an hour getting that perfect spider on her pumpkin!!! So here are some pics from our great Halloween of 2010. Liv is Jessie from Toy Story....which while we were out Trick Or Treating everyone asked her, "where is Woody?" the LAST house we went to, there was a lady and her two boys that were dressed as Woody!!!! We laughed so hard and I told her we had been looking for them all night!!! I HAD to take a pic of the three of them together!!!!! hahahah!