Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honest Blog Award

Thanks Jeannine for this award!

10 Honest things about me.... hmmmm let me see....

10. I hate being cut off on the road while driving
9. I love the smell of Jasmine
8. I hate lairs
7. I love being a mom and step mom
6. I am WAAAAYYYYY to obsessed with paper and my Cricut
5. I love the sound of my childrens laughter
4. I miss my cat Lucy
3. I wish I could offer more to people
2. I hope my children know how much I love them
1. I am sure Jesus hears my prayers


Leah said...

wow no wonder we get along so well because i feel the same way..except for Lucy, no offense and the driving thing, I don't think I have much an opinion on the jasmine thing either...but I SO feel you on everything else!

Sandy said...

brought a tear to my eye...thanx so much for following my blog...i will add a link to you on my blog list....thanx for the lovely comments and prayers as well...hugs...sandy