Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Your eyes

So I took this picture of Olivia one day when we were messing around in Kira's room while she was at school! hehehe! I knew I wanted to have Kira edit it. She made it black and white for me and kept her eyes their original color.

This is my picture for my next layout; plan to do it this Friday at a crop with Kira.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Grease monkey

Tod has been working constantly on his baot getting it ready for the ocean. Even though there is AGAIN no salmon season for us here he has set his goal on a BIG halibut!!!

While getting the motor ready Little Livie makes sure she is right there to help with the tools and constant chatter with her daddy! After gettin all greasy it was off
to a nice warm tub!!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wii Wanna tell ya Happy Birthday!!!!

So for Tod's birthday, on the 13th, we had a great night of KILLER sushi (Imura's in Watsonville) and a totally moist insane tasting cake from Freedom Bakery. We topped the night off with a bunch of games on the Wii, when we turned it on, this is what were were greeted with....
Gotta love the Wii! They thought of everything!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

swap schtuff & NSD pics with projects!

Just wanted to finally post some pics of some inchies and twinchies I completed for a swap. Also NSD was a blast this year, Betsy was able to stay for four days and scrap and shop! My Kira got a bunch of altered items completed too! I didn't expect to get much done, just made sure Betsy and Kira had all their supplies they needed. Ended up cutting tons of Cricut cuts out for them! ha!

This is my dinning room table covered in sb schtuff~

This is Kira's Twighlight hanging she made. She altered Dollar Tree CorkBoard coasters! She's pretty hot!!! hehehe!

This is an a layout she did for a picture frame in her room! Myoko, Aiko and Kira
~Betsy and Kira~
Another altered picture frame by Kira: Tod and Kira with Livie

My twinchie item

My cupcakes Inchies. Yes, I did end it with stickles on the cherries!!

Thanks for looking, see ya soooooon!