Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Thank you Easter Bunny! BOK! BOK!

Easter is my favorite holiday and time of year. To me, it's the time to celebrate the rise of Jesus to Heaven and how He is planning His return for us. I love the candy and the colors and so on, don't get me wrong, I just get goosebumps knowing that when Mary of Magdala went to His tomb in the morning and found it empty!!! He was seated next to God. Awesome, truly awesome!

The day before Easter Derik and Betsy came up to spend the night and spend time with us. Livie was in the living room with Tod and fell over one of her toys and face planted into the coffee table. Yep, I was hysterical, sobbing right along with Livie, blood everywhere! Her two fonr teeth cut into her bottom lip, Her upper gum was bleeding and bruised and she tore the little flap that holds your upper lip to your gum.... yea, see why I was a mess???? She cried and cried and Tod was so quick and good. He looked it up after we got the situation calmed down and found it pretty much heals itself and heals very quickly. So for Easter pictures at my grandmas' you can see her bottom lip was still hurt. sigh.

We have Easter at my Grandma's in Mt.View and this year we brought the ham and the fix'ns. Everything was so delish!

So Miss Livie's 1st Easter egg hunt! Man, she was quick to figure it out! lol! (She's sporting her tennis shoes as she was sooooo over her pretty ballerina slippers.... I think she is a true Tom Boy! lol

Grandma and Momma

Kira and Livie searching for eggs!


shabby girl said...

How sweet is she in her little Easter dress!!! I could just give her a big hug!

Georgina said...

oh poor baby girl!!! =( I'm not good with 'accidents' either... yikes.. but I'm glad it wasn't worse... she looks absolutely ADORABLE in her little Easter dress!!! =)

Emily said...

These pics are too cute!!

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