Monday, August 18, 2008

Dear Diary....

It seems that my emails are lost in portal hell and Janice no longer gets my important emails informing her of the boring details of my life. blah blah. So I can peak in on her life at her blog. THE WOMAN KILLS ME. Her blog about per Project Runway Losers! HA!!!! LOVE THAT!!!

Life seems to still be moving along as I (and my house) recoop from a baaaaaaaaaaad tummy virus. Livie STILL isnt 100%. This last week was a complete MUTHA!
when we were all sick the girls toilet broke, (Thank God Tod is the man he is and was able to fix it) then Friday afternoon starting my first of 80 thousand loads of laundry the washer broke.....ever have weeks like this? Thank God Tod is the kind of guy that doesnt get upset abput things, he just fixes stuff and moves on. I love that..... I on the other hand would still be in the laundry room crying and kicking the washer! Then Sunday we were all too sick still and weak to go to Tod's company picnic at the Boardwalk, so we missed that. that sucked!

Good news is Kira BooBira is back home and we couldnt be happier. We have missed her so so so so so soooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She had a blast at Gold Country with Kendra and her family. She seems to have grown even taller and got even prettier! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE!? Her flauless skin, her beautiful eyes, and hair!!! Wished I looked like that when I was 14 1/2!!!!

Myoko came by the house yesterday to pack things up for college. Man, I will miss that girl. Seeing her face makes me happy. lol! She kills me! She can fustrate me to the point of breaking, and then when I see her and she talks to me she is so sweet and kind and a gentle, loving, giving soul. I hope her journey is happy as she leaves home. I love her and will miss her dearly. I pray for her daily. She's a beautiful girl inside and out and I have complete confidence in her she will go far! I just want her to be happy!!


shabby girl said...

You crack me up! I'd be down there on the laundry floor with you! Thank God we wake up to a new morning every day!!! More Livie pictures???

Damaris said...

Oh my goodness. I would have brought you over a coca-cola (or your favorite drink) sat down on the floor, cried with you, kick the machine with ya', then gotten on the phone and gotten you help! Thank goodness you have a wonderful partner who does things and keeps it all in stride!!! LOL. So glad thins are looking up.