Monday, July 21, 2008

My Desktop

Our new computers at work have been installed. I have missing files and yaddah yaddah, who cares about that, that will all get corrected soon enough. This is my new desktop picture.

I miss her more then I could ever express to anyone. I miss her laugh, her voice, her smell, her hugs and her beautiful face. She makes me so proud, she makes me so happy to be her momma.

I'm so blessed the Lord picked her to be my baby girl.
(This is picture is Jason and Kira- Jason is Kira's younger brother- WHO I FLIPPEN LOVE!!!!!)

I can't wait till she's hugging me again!


Janice said...

Most beautiful girl in the world. I miss her toooooo...

Valerie said...

awwww she's beautiful..I love that girl!!! I miss the days at the beach when we were playing in the water what a wonderful moment in my life that was!