Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Happy in Monterey

During Val and Ant's trip to Ca, we took to Monterey and had a great time on the Piere and shopping. We took TONZ of pics, but this one is my favorite.
I have never been more in LOVE with this man then I am now. He treats me like a queen and now I know what unconditional love means.
Happy to be in his arms.

Friday, April 25, 2008

It's Friday and I miss u

Man, I can;t tell you how thrilled I am it's finally flippin Friday!

I worked and talked to Val through email today and I just miss her too much now. I wish we were at Garduno's with our margarita's the size of our heads and eating their KILLER chips and salsa!
New Mexico is a beautiful state and so are Val and Ant!

I thought about this picture all the way home today, yep my two hour commute home!
Kira and Val at Moss Landing Beach 2007.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Bipidi Bopidi Boo

The planning has begun. Usually I plan about 6 months to a year out on vacations and trips, but just the word "DisneyWorld" begins to give me a panic attach and my heart rate increases, while small beads of sweat form on my brow! The park(s) there I hear are huge and you would need a week just for one of the parks.... kay, that freaks me out, since we pretty much know Disneyland in Ca like the back of our hand. Kira and I have been going since she was 2 and there seems to always be something new, but yet it still has the familiarity that never overwhelmes us, just calls us back for more!
The goal is to have the best vacation ever next year at WDW. Tod has never taken a full week vacation, and he hasnt always been a great big fan of Disney, BUT, just talking about it with him, we get super excited, we want all the kids to have a trip of a lifetime and us included. Livie will be 2 and Myoko will be 18.

I have gone on to websites insearch of must see spots and have become even more overwhelmed and had to get out of the website before my head blew off!

I wish there was some book, some site, SOMEONE who could tell me the must see's of the WDW parks and tips and tricks...... until then I will take one day at a time trying to approach this monster without getting all ADD and see what we come up with.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better but not all the way there yet

I couldnt get out of bed yesterday morning, so I had to scratch the idea of even going in early to work yesterday morning. I got in to my doctor, who I havent seen since I found out I was pregnant with miracle baby Livie.
It was so nice to see her, and I realized how much I like her and missed her! She is smart, down to Earth and very funny.
My back pain is something she knew all about and she suffered from it as well. She hooked me up with an awesome muscle relaxer and no need for pain killers, I'm so not into mind altering perscriptions, plus dealing with Livie wouldnt work for me. She told me about all the stretches and pressure points to focus on... with a tennis ball. So I'm down, well I'm on my way to having a back that works in my favore.
...... now I need a tennis ball!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ouch in da back

sigh, I cleaned my house like a MAD woman this last week and had a killer jewelry party on Saturday. Great friends, food and of course my beautiful sister and very cool bling!
So by Sunday I think I hit a wall. My back just stopped workin! lol I think it's that wonderful nerve acting up. It hurts to walk, or to stand up, or get into bed or to... well, you get it right?

It's been like this since Sunday and I soooooooooo wanted to play in my scraproom, clean it and find new treasures..... that's so not gonna happen.

This weekend I have no plans, we're poor, so I'm staying close to home. (Thank you property taxes! blah) so I thought what a perfect time to clean my scrapbook room and get it all rearranged and purty again. We are moving my computer into Kira's room, my new computer is in our room, Aiko has Kira's old computer and Myoko...... well..... she's off to college and will need a laptop soon, till then the kid is never in her room or the flippen house for that matter, so my remidy is, she get's nothin. lol Well now that my back is discombobulated, I wont be able to sit squat or ya know...... sigh.............................