Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy Baby Girl!

She's happy, and healthy and so much fun!
The funny thing is we had just gotten my taxes done, Kira wanted to go next door to Starbucks and as we are sitting there waiting for Kira to come back with her order, with Livie on my lap, I feel my wrist getting warm. Looking down, I see Livie has spit up down the front of her, down her leg and a massive puddle on the hardwood floor! My girl Kira comes over and immediatley starts helping me. ( I tell ya, Kira is my first blessing!!!!!)
After she's all clean, Livie's all smiles and laughs!
* I think Livie and I just don't care for Starbucks is what it amounts to!


Valerie said...

awww shes so cute! and Kira is ONE angel from up above. And how can you not like starbucks....there strawberry fraps are just YUMMIE!!!!